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    Patrick Cernik

    M: 2088929242

    I'm Patrick Cernik.
    I began my journey into film when I was about 8 years old. I spent hours creating stop motion films with my legos. As I progressed, I developed a passion for every day stories that happen all around us as opposed to the scripted stories you find in cinema. I wanted to know who that person that makes my coffee at the coffee shop is. Who is that group of musicians playing in the downtown square? Who is the man who teaches voice lessons at the local music shop? These are the questions that intrigue me. The most rewarding experience a person could give me is to be so invested in the story I am trying to tell that they forget that there is even a person behind the camera. This is my ultimate goal in filmmaking. To pull out the value of everyday stories, locations, experiences, and of course, individuals in such a way that you feel like you are right there, in that place, with that person, experiencing it all for yourself.

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    Patrick Cernik
    Video Producer
    Mobile: 2088929242
    Story Real Estate | KW Palouse
    175 S Main St
    Moscow, ID 83843

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